I type and send without thinking
I know that is crazy
The thing is that the feeling of not doing Makes me feel so lazy

Picturing you makes a lot of sense
It makes me think
It makes it worse when I see you
It makes sense
That it will never sink.

I mean, you know!
Or do you want me
to make it more clear, dear?
What makes more Sense
is that I see you dear, and I fear
What exactly?
Not being able to know almost anything.
Is it so?
It’s exactly so!

I wish that could be something
I do not want to stampede on this path
So that I ride along with you
That is better than not to ride and to hide.

Frankly speaking, or should I say writing You make me feel alive
More alive than when I used to hide
You really should arrive.

I really want you to smile
Actually I want to see your smile blazing
More blazing than it used to be
Because you are amazing.