Beauty of heart confuses me.
I have found myself lost
In between roses and thorn.
I expressed them as same
But it was shame
Because apparently I didn’t get it back.

I promise, world, I am already strong as rock,
You just need to listen but in focus,
Please ignore the noise,
Because people own noise
More than their souls,
I will look at the skies
To keep my tears in my eyes,
To shock my enemy.

I love me more than frenemy.
Envy, lust I need your accompaniment
When chair of death denies me.
That’s you inside me,
Good life is just an oracle,
To you my love,
I want to be your oasis.
Babe, my love is big enough
To give all my hand is found to reach.
That’s me with my riches of heart,
Oh, deities.
I bow inside me to you