From Africa to Australia,
America to Asia,
Women, we are slaves of beauty in the eyes of the society!
We are profiting the world at the expense of our health.
Out of our bodies we spit lives and souls,
Yet more is demanded from us, beauty.
We have been subjected to enormous pressures to be taut, trim and thin.
We are always shown that a perfect body, a slim body
equals self-esteem, success, acceptance and admiration from others.
And now we are too busy, too preoccupied with our body shapes and sizes,
forgetting that life not only carries the body.
Beauty and slimness have swayed us into mental slavery,
trapped us into “Perfect Body Syndrome”,
and have subjected us to dangerous diets, exercises and many other weight control methods,
which have strenuous consequences on our health.
Because of us, the weight loss industry is thriving.
Whoa! It is booming, for we are enriching it.
The weight loss industry is thriving because we are feeding
The society’s starved perception of femininity.
Large numbers of books are published each year,
which extol an exciting new diet.
But, listen: these ‘exciting’ new diets are often unsound!
These diets appear so frequently and disappear so frequently.
Tell me, where do these diets go?
How efficient are these diets?
Beauty, slimness, and attraction;
For these reasons we have allowed ourselves to be traded like gold,
Letting our health to be harvested out of us like crops,
And we lose our cognitive abilities like we never cared.
We put ourselves on yo-yo diets all the time.
We start counting calories.
We start weighing ourselves every day, morning to night.
As if that’s not enough, we start starving ourselves,
All in the name of “I want to be beautiful, slim and attractive”.
Having tried various diets and realising their ineffectiveness,
We begin another attempt, and then the circle continues.
And when it is dawn we start flipping up on new pages,
Checking if anything new is out.