Beauty of love I never witnessed
Beauty of love I never touched
Beauty of love I knew no taste of it
It echoed into my heart with melody
Memorising its existence

Beauty of love that allowed the birds to sing.
In the forest of love, fly high to the sky
Beauty of love that I loved first
It flew inside the veins, blocked by the tissue cells
That its DNA coded love inside.

To the lover of this beautiful love,
Let the rainbow colour it with the colours of perfection
Let it be its imperfection that makes it gold
Golden as it shines, let it spread its wings of beauty
Beauty of love that sent an invitation to my heart
Beauty of love that brings a smile to my face
Sends butterflies to my stomach
That is the love I have witnessed
And has made me not desire sleep because
The memories get flashed away into the dreamland

Beauty of love that has conquered the distance
Fought battles of temptations
Lived to love once again
That’s the beauty of love I have touched, tasted it
That’s the beauty of love I thank you for