Don’t change yourself for someone
who might later on leave you.
It’s better to be yourself
to be honest to yourself about what you really want
and most importantly love yourself first
before loving anyone else.
If a person truly loves you,
they’ll love you for who you are
and not for what you are trying to become.
They’ll never try to change you into someone you’re not
but instead they’ll admire you
they’ll try to bring out the best in you.

Never think that changing yourself
will make you happy,
will make you a better person
or will make that person you are trying to change for happy.
But instead confidence and hard work
will make you a better person.
Maybe it might make you happy
but what if that happiness doesn’t last?
What if you don’t like what you’ve become
and what if that person is no longer in your life?
Are you gonna change yourself
for the next person who comes into your life?

Ask yourself these questions:
Is this what I really want for myself?
Will this make me happy?
What if I lose what is most important to me?
What if I end up destroying my life?
How long will I keep changing myself for people?
How long will I keep listening to people’s bad comments?

Remember, some people will always have something bad to say.
Not everyone will be cheering you on
when you are on the edge of success.
People might be laughing behind your back
when you fail but pretend to console you.
Never let what people say or do
be the reason you want to change.
Never let the person you love but is pretending to love you,
be the reason you want to change.

Sometimes change is good.
But only when you change
to become a better person
for good reasons.
You’ll know it in your heart
when you are changing for the better.