Be my witness
When trends make a comeback and
Our children refuse to believe that we once wore that too

Be my witness
When they question our sanity
Because they walked in on us rapping
To Drake’s song as you were correcting my lyrics
Let’s marvel at their facial expressions when
We tell them we survived two natural disasters

Be my witness
When they find it hard to believe that before
Snap chat, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook
There was Mxit which gave birth to social
Networks and let’s have our moment of
Embarrassment as they laugh at our Mxit alias’s
Be my witness
When our children find it difficult to believe that
The South African currency used to be represented by the big five

Be my witness
When our children have a misconception about
China being a Fong Kong country, remind me of
All that we saw from the beauty of the Great Wall
Of China, the Forbidden City, their writing system,
The high-speed train, the huge depth of culture
And about every edible plant animal and organism served.

Be my witness
When I tell them we used to carry back packs to
School for excise books and not tablets and that there
Was a time when cell phones had buttons
Be my witness
When I reprimand our son not to run in front of a dog,
Because you have a scar on your left leg from running
After me and you didn’t see spoti

Be my witness
When I tell our children that we once went to clubs that
Yes I used to enjoy loud music and you loved to dance
Be my witness
When they giggle and say I am trying to act cool when I
Use words such as Lol, Lit, Mxm, fleek and dope, bae please
Affirm that is our lingo

Be my witness
When I tell them we went to all the 9 provinces in less than a
Month because that was on our bucket list
Be my witness
When our grandchildren struggle to believe that we were
once young, please help me pull out the photos and recite
the stories of our wonderful days together.