I fell in love the first place I met you
Your words with wisdom built me up to be stronger
Your beauty is not about your face but your heart
When you talk I like the way your lips move

I allowed love to grow inside me before I told you
Take my hands and put your head on my chest
Hear my heart beat for you but don’t take my breath away
I cannot express the feeling I have for you but I feel so natural

If you miss me then know that I miss you more
When you need me please note that I need you more
Am not wise enough to know that tomorrow I will wake up
I take this moment to say I love you with capital letters

If loving you is a crime, I will always be your criminal
When am with you, I believe my angels sing a song of love
If I die then when you miss me, come and kiss my grave
If tomorrow never comes then love me today with no doubts

They said marriage is a risk then I want to take that risk
I promise I will be with you through sickness and health
I promise you I will never leave you even when days are dark
I promise I will never leave you until death come and separate us

Take me as your loving husband and be my loving wife
Am not impressed by your level of qualification they are pieces of papers
Your kindness is more important to me as I take a big step to marry you
I want you to be the mother of my children, I wish to be a father