Though I’ve become bound
And feel myself being pulled deeper
By the grim reaper’s deadly chains
Into my emotional ocean of tears
Plus my own internal lake of blood
I’ll try to remain strong and stay afloat
Long enough for me to finish this

Do not ever remember me
As sad, suicidal, or depressed
Nor should you be shocked
When you find my bones undressed
Deep down below a pool of acidic fluids

But always do remember me
As funny, confident and talkative,
Well mannered, wise and positive
Not forgetting my contagious smiles
For as long as you’ll all live
For these weren’t deceitfully displayed

Be happy not sad, for I’m not dead
Just off to a better place
Where I’ll meet grandmother and dad
Far beyond, a very distant place
Where my dreams could not take me
Nor my own imagination permit me

I no longer desire money, love, or things
Nor do I look forward to what money brings
So why keep living, if I’m just breathing
From dusk till dawn, from morning till evening