A blessing that took away innocence
and left everyone scattered,
a soul who knew nothing about poverty
was brought into this shameless
and cold male-dominated society.
The mouth contradicts the courage to save these babies
and make them into painted blessings.
Whereas some are abandoned by their own mothers,
some are denied by their fathers.
Why are we allowing abortion again?
Isn’t abortion killing the blessing
you were always accepting with warm hands?
Still, death is around the corner
waiting like a neglected statue that was created
to be cherished with a glass of wine.
Yes, we fear that babies may be called a blessing
but still they’re killed by their makers.
They’re thrown away in plastic bags in the river,
waiting to be erased by a rubber.
They’re left in ladies’ toilets,
like a man abandoning his responsibilities as a father.
Can every baby who passed away
because of abortion wake up?
’Cause women owe you an apology
for robbing you of a life.
You were signed off by your creator.
I camouflage this so well,
keeping in these emotions,
they need to be kept away from devotions.
Babies feel abandoned in despair,
they’re out there waiting
to be recognized as blessings.
You people should be embracing
these cute little faces,
the beating of the heart, in flames.
It goes unconditionally and one day
you’ll be embraced for making hearts melt
and bringing joy to our hearts.