Is a pencil mightier than a pen?
Yes, it is not just mightier, it is the reason to live,
It allows me to express my feelings
While I am staring at the ceiling trying to find some
healing from my conscience.
Do you make me appear to be perfect?
No, but you allow me to be human,
My teacher once told me no one is
Perfect that is why pencils have erasers,
You allow me to sharpen my focus and live to the point
just like you,
With a pencil and paper I could revise the world.
Why do I love you?
You have not only taught me it is okay to experience a
painful sharpening from time to time,
But you showed me a way to paradise,
that is why I will never think twice,
Because of the amazing things you have provided me
You allow me to sketch the future,
Give life to untold beauty,
And communicate the full force of our love and