At your age
seems to be
the refrain
at the Central Library’s
monthly Poetry Circle

where our inimitabl
regales and troubles us
with his tales of writing
in solitary confinement

he’s now taken
to writing about
daintier topics
though the question
of ageing is critical
enough subject matter

the embuggerance
of age and ageing
has caught him up

(forgetfulness and
and folks’ preconceptions
about ageing and the aged
and the like)

At your age
is Marcia Raymond,
she’s telling a tale
of a young person startled
at her tech-savvyness

and it must be
the tone set
as many a number
of all ages
partake thereafter
in the open mic session


The “embuggerance” word was coined by Terry Pratchett’s, who used it when he pulled out of a Discworld festival (see the Alzheimer’s SA, May 2015 newsletter).