I tried making friends with people
but I ended up playing with my own

I tried giving them all my time, but I
was never granted any appreciation

I tried being friends with the world
but I received pain in return

I tried bowing down to what the world
expected of me, I ended up in tears

I tried knocking on the doors of those
who call themselves girls, I only received
salt from their sweet words.

I tried following the scent of their perfume
but my nose became blind with the smoke
puffed by fire

Now I’m all alone in my own little world,
thinking how I wasted my time chasing
after their footprints instead of my dream.

Now I’m suffering from the shackles of
my own choices I planted in my life
Those that I call people no longer walk on
my side like two tyres on a car.

Friends are now invisible with the riches of
the world, even though poverty is standing
high in my life like Mulanje Mountain.

Sadness is now what I breathe as God still
sustains me here on earth

Tears are now my blood that flows in my
heart for survival as I appreciate the world

Tears never stops raining in my life like rains
that dance during November in rainy season
For rain never rains forever, surely indeed,
All my tears will dry out like water in the season