Lately you’re all I’m thinking about.
Somehow every thought of mine is about you.
I find myself in the midst of people
But I feel alone because you’re not there with me.
You’re all I want, all I desire.
My longing for you is unbearable.

My dreams are about you.
I can’t seem to get enough of speaking to you.
When I don’t hear from you I go insane in my mind.
I act all cool when you’re around.
I act all contained, but really I’m dying whenever I see you.
I find myself wanting to have you all to myself.
I must say, seeing you with another girl, it makes me jealous.

I might not be certain whether or not it’s love.
But I know for sure it’s neither lust nor infatuation.
It’s something deeper, stronger.
It’s me knowing when I speak with you that everything is alright.
It’s the security I feel when you’re around.
It’s the way my heart skips a beat when your name is mentioned.
The way I’d get out of bed sick, just to see you.

I love the way you make me feel safe.
The way you make me feel beautiful.
The way you give me assurance.
The way you’re always encouraging greatness out of me.
The way you made me start writing, and writing passionately.
I love you man,
It’s not something I even wanna think about,
’Cause the heart doesn’t lie.