I remain younger and face-lifted
but mentally emanating & internally glistening
Scrutinising peers and minors blatantly living a brisk life
In an escapade and getting wrecked up

I shine bright underneath the sunlight
Meanwhile I get too dark in the mist of the night
I also get cold in winter
Stricken with the heat in summer

I am a Xhosa Speaker
But in the forefront of the Sotho Tribe
Lion is the clan totem animal
Risk-taker, fervently enthusiastic and faithful type of creature
However lethally dangerous

I am extroverted yet an introvert
Thus probably resulting in me being ambivert
I get saddened and also elated by my own thoughts
Anything or anyone external is just an add-on

Me is connected/attached to myself by I
I am Irrevocable
My inner-being is the interface
Between my thoughts and/to my external (core) reactions,
and so I am the world of my own
I need no comprises

I am so atavistic I still believe in respect and morality
I despise shame and humiliation
I particularly mind about “Abantu Bazothin” concept
With regard to mischievous/rebellious deeds
So my conscience is living (efficient)
I guess me being a boy among the other gender is a blessing
For I am afraid of muddling the profile of my elders
And that’s the phobia I never wanna defy.

In spite of all the bling and glitz
My utmost aspiration in LIFE is to be as HAPPY as ever (eternally)