My child was struggling for life in hospital,And I was worried,tense and
Sat in silent prayer,
In violent silence arguing with my God.
God,I said,
Why do you allow him to suffer this much?
Why him all the time?
God was silent!
Not a word from him,
Not a word!

Maybe,I thought,God is angry with me.
I’ll appease my God
I’ll promise to be good,
Try and be good at least,
Surely God would then respond.
God,I pleaded,
Please God,
To be good is hard,But I’ll try.

My child must live,
Live free from pain:
You know how I love him,don’t you?
Don’t you? Don’t you? DON’T YOU?
God was dumb:
Like my child.
Then I said to myself,
God is just,
I’ll appeal for justice,
He cannot deny me justice.
God,I called,
Though you are silent,
I am sure you hear me,

Be fair,be just,
Let him live strong and happy.
I saw on the wall
A cockroach pregnant with egg,
In the pains of labour,
Bringing forth new life.
I snatched a newspaper please,
And hit the cockroach.

It fell on its back,
Struggling for life,
And I crushed it,
With the heel of my shoe.

All the time I was praying,
Violently pleading for life,
The life of my child!
I cry now,I can’t stop.