Are we just Facebook lovers
If we only hold conversations
In the palms of keyboards
And hash-tags?
Are we just Facebook lovers
If we don’t use our tongues and fists
When you don’t like
The comments I’m making?

Are we just Facebook lovers
If your feelings walk from Facebook
To Whatsapp,
But never meet me in person?

Are we the ugly new things
That old people keep talking about?
Ndivuka ek’seni nd’godola
Ndibuz’ ba siphi esis’nqandamathe
Sam. Ndilukhangela phi, njani
Uthando lwakho ndingazange
Ndal’ bona

How do I live for love
When it kills you to say you love me?
These hands aren’t machines,
They bleed when cut.
This soul isn’t a computer,
It doesn’t have buttons,
It doesn’t download
Answers to questions
You refuse to listen to.

This soul is like a child,
It holds
The one sweet moment from you
And prays to God, you give it two
These fingerprints belong to you,
Slowly sliding along
The edge of your face,
Taking their time,
Because this isn’t a race.

When I see you I smile
Until my heart stops jumping
Like monkeys in the African wild
Are we just Facebook lovers,
Clicking into lies
Until heartbreak logs in?

Do I hold you until love runs out
Or was this always a bad connection?
Are we just Facebook lovers?

Watch Sicelo recite his poem here: Facebook Lovers