I am appalled by the ways of this world
The ways of society and how we are punished for being alive and female
The way we are blamed for the actions of men
The way men can do no wrong unless we provoke them
I am appalled by how we are silenced
How we are not entitled to have opinions
How our claims of rape and abuse are not taken seriously without proof
I am appalled by how we are told to obey laws put in place by men
To not ask questions
To give away our bodies
To be gentle
To not be stubborn
To accept the ways of men because men are men
But why?
Why should we cater to these very men who inflict this pain on us?
Why should we suffer daily in silence?
When we are breaking at the seams
from all the tumultuous emotions we are holding insideā€¦
I am appalled by the ways of this world.
By the ways of how society perceives us to be undeserving
I am appalled but still I roam this world
With the hope that one day our voices will be heard.