At least today you have food
On your table to dine
All seems to be fine
But think of the one
Who is rolling a dice
Just so that.
He can put food on the table

Thank God you are able
And think of the disabled
For life ain’t a fable
It ain’t a tale.

Help others to get up
Help them to live
Just learn to give
And God shall bless
You won’t need to stress

At least today you are clothed
With clothes of the finest silk
Someone lacks even a drop of milk
Don’t you perhaps feel guilty?

When you don’t help at all
But on a Sunday you go to church
To pray for more blessings
Someone else is struggling

Somebody is starving
But you are depriving
And you are wasting
You are filled
And you are throwing food away

Don’t you even care?
How do you dare?
When God has blessed you
Don’t forget your past
Forget about the poor

I advise you, Remember that
It’s just another day for you
In paradise
What goes up must come back down.