It took only for your lips to rest on mine.
My life improved every minute by the day.
My heart could not decide for me.
The dream was still haunting me.
When I whispered someone stole my heart.

You kept on smiling and you asked who it was.
It was the girl that saved me from drowning.
I could see her face crystal clear, but was this a dream?
As you pushed me into the deep water and kissed me.
I believed it was real.

You were the one who stole my soul.
You were the one I keep falling in love with all over again.
When our lips met I knew.
That you were the one for me.
You gave away you immortal life to be mine.

I sacrificed everything I have so that we can be together.
When you asked me to marry you.
I was stunned like frozen food.
But tears told me I wanted to do it.
I always wanted to be close to your heart.
Cause you are every fibre of my living body.
I couldn’t be here without you the girl of my dream.
Who’ve rescued me from slipping away.