You were put on my path
As guidance from the stars
Though I never knew it back then
You would only be here for a short while
Then head back again

For seasons we shared
With each other’s laughter and tears
We shared each other’s joys and fears
We were there for one another
When others ran for cover
When families would turn their backs on us
You, the Angels, opened your Heavenly doors for us

In mere mortal form
You performed ordinary tasks
Ordinary tasks that would tug
At the heart
Those ordinary tasks
Became extraordinary tasks
They were God-ordained
And washed in His name

I never knew that your time
Would draw near
And then Heaven
Would call you home dear
You whispered in my ears
Before you left
Though I didn’t understand in human form
At that time
It would later be revealed in the form of a psalm
That God needed you more than I
That your work was done here on earth
That you had given your time

And when you left
Our hearts were broken
As we knew that
We would only see you one day again
In the Heavenly Kingdom
I helped carry you away
To your final resting place

It is still so surreal
That you are gone from all of us here
Your hellos and goodbyes
I took for granted
Thinking that I would always
Hear it and feel it near, when chanted

Now I only see you in my dreams
With snippets of conversations passed
To my ears
Until finally
You would finally make peace
Until finally you would go
Then in my dream
I would finally know

That your time hath come…
That your time hath come…
And that your work is done!!!