Ancestors, you’re there to protect us as you were given that task from heaven
But you’re not protecting us from anything, as you fail too
You fail to even pass our message to God, though He gave you that ability too
You are failing to fulfil what you were tasked to do
Just wait for me to die I’ll show you what I can do as an ancestor.

You are as useless as a pole standing in the middle of the road
You are as stupid as the man who’s drunk but doesn’t know what fun is
You are as dom as a woman who doesn’t even respect what is given to her
You are as foolish as selfish people who think that everything is about them
You can close my paths to success but just know you never had that success,
that is supposed to come to me

You’re so jealous of me for I am alive, you are not
You’re so jealous of me for I am cleverer than you ever were
You’re so jealous of me for I have more knowledge than you ever did
You’re so jealous of me that I’d be a better ancestor than you’ll ever be
Stop holding back my life, success and blessings
Protect me as it is your duty to do so
Watch over me as you are supposed to

Stop asking for sacrifices that you never earned
And that you’re not supposed to have
That is why Christians believe that you’re evil
for you don’t do what you’re supposed to do
You should listen to me, not vice versa
For you’re dead and I am not

I don’t even see a purpose for you being there for me,
For nothing is improving in my life
You’re going backwards about it
You never obeyed me as you should have
You never followed my commands as you should have
You’re jealous that I am a better god than you are
Or you are afraid of me as the day of my death grow nearer,
Then I’ll come home to show you the great things
I’ll bring to my kids as their ancestor.