A stranger arrives
Watch his shadow
Following him
Only the sound of nature whispers
Only the sound of wind moves the trees around
A stranger trying to fit in a strange place
Strange people look at him
strange people talk about him
Strange people, strange places
His furniture has become his friends and family
He is just a stranger
A strange place; lonely with no one
I could call a friend
Just a stranger trying to fit in a strange place

I walk with my heard down
I walk slowly just to catch a breath
Slowly trying to get a glimpse of the place
Such a strange place
My heart still skips a bit
My heart warms with fear
Because I’m just a stranger
Trying to fit in a strange place.
Are you?

Leaving everything behind
Just to be a stranger in a strange place
Turning your back on your family
Just to become stranger to people you do not know
Fear consumes you
Because of the talks from these strange people in a strange place,
Because you are just a
Stranger in strange place