For you, I spent hours and hours admiring your colour
I spent hours finding perfect coverings for you not to be out
I spent months trying to get you into the perfect shape
I spent years trying to love you
I spent centuries trying to be comfortable with you

I let what they say change my feelings for you
I spent Rands trying to dress you into someone else

I hated how you were lighter than my face
I hated how every step I took made my thighs shake like an earthquake
I hated how every position I stayed in made me look like a hippo
I hated how my hips stuck out

But now that I know you
I love how you are shaped
I love how you make my steps look so majestic
I love how my hips are drawn

Every single moment I look at the mirror and see you
My love you make me feel perfect
I love how you build me without even speaking.

Now from me to you
My body you’re beautiful
You’re perfect with your stretch marks
Stay thick and majestic
Love Yours Truly