I know it’s sinful, oh God
To question your existence, father
Yet, I seek forgiveness
For circumstances compel me to
I wish I could stop, but is it that easy, Lord?
I am challenged, tempted and tried, Jehovah
I feel so lonely and…
I ask the same questions my entire life
Where is God when I go through these moments?
Does he care?
Is He seeing me?
Does He consider me to be one of His children?
I wonder…
Why does He allow ALL these calamities to befall me?
Still births are my hymns…
So does my mind.
My heart is faint,
It gives in to hatred, grudges, anger and evil desires
It’s blackened by unforeseen circumstances
It’s vandalised by fate
Worsened by devils who sit to plan other peoples’ downfall
Hence I ask the same century-old question,
Where are you, Father?
My pillow bears witness to my life’s sorrows
I know it’s sinful to ask you, dear father
But allow me this ONE more time,
Where are you when I walk in the valley alone?
Do you see me or do you care?
My plea is that you respond to my questions
Please do or else I am…