It has been a long time
Since I last saw you
Since I last was with you
Since we last chatted

It has been a long time
Since I tasted your cooked food
Lovely curry
On a Sunday

An Angel who left too soon
Without consulting the moon
I still remember your room
Filled with love
Filled with warmth
A rose amongst the thorns
Ignoring any scorn

I leapt into your heart
I leapt into your arms
When I visited
Your warm loving house

10 Hardepeer Street
In Bonteheuwel
Will always
Hold a special day
In my heart
As that house
Had warm love
Illuminating from every part
From every wall
From every corner
From back to front
Now it’s all forlorn
Forgotten from view
But always remains in my heart

I still remember you Ma Paulse
I will never forget your smile
Your loving heart
Your sweet voice
Our chats
Brushing your hair at night
Sleeping behind your back
You will always be my MA
Deep in my heart
You walk with me every day
You are in the house
With mommy and Me
You walk beside us
Keep us safe
Keep us calm
Through the storms

We’ll forever hold you in our hearts