Listen to me when I talk
And I will listen to you
That way we will comprehend each other
We got all the time in the world
A conversation is what is up
Let us have an agreement

Whatever pops up
We will deliberate and reach to a solution in unison
This isn’t a competition so we need not to compete
To see who is a wise owl
We don’t have to be at loggerheads
We were not created to be foes
We are both bigwigs

Reach out to me and I will hold your hand
Bear with me when I seem to be much of a burden
When I want to take charge
Remind me that I need you as much as you do
Inseparable will be
It is not forbidden for us to debate
It’s a reminder of our worth

After all we want the same thing
What better way to have it than to work together
I want to be that person that
Without you uttering a word
I will know what you want
And that you shall have.