Maybe I will not become an ideal partner.
I will not be a faithful lap-dog at your feet.
I will not be able to look faithfully into your eyes and live alone with you.
I will never take my palm from yours.
When it gets hard for you.
I will never turn my back on your sincere sadness.
I won’t step on your feelings with a thin heel.
I just don’t know how to do that…

Do not hide your hands this morning.
Let them travel over my body.
Give them the opportunity to think about me.
Feel and touch me.
I want to imagine not only about your hands.
But your entire body.
Unless of course you allow me to experience it.

My lips are made to be kissed.
I want to lay you quietly in bed.
I don’t hope you will not sleep.
I dream about how my tongue touches
Every centimeter of your body.

Strange times.
Phones without buttons.
Doors without handles.
People without brains…
Attitude without feelings.
And I am like a fool without you.

Love can change a person beyond recognition.
We are a bridge through eternity.
Rising above the sea of time.
Testing ourselves again and again.
Learning to crawl for the sake of love