My eyes had seen you before
My heart had liked you with no doubt
As my body wanted to embrace you for good
My mind had been thinking of you all this time

You were like a lightening flash
That swiftly went past
As my moves could not match your rush
Within seconds, gone, you were too fast

I could dream, one day to have you
I could imagine the joy blowing in me
I could feel the happiness of my life just near
In you I could see myself happy and fine

At college, in my second year; and you, first year
We met again, not as planned, rather by chance
I could not, delay to lose
Fearing that I might regret

If I say I love you
Your smile should be for sure
Your reply for real
For my love for you, is true

As I hold your hand in mine
And pull you closer to my chest
Whispering in your ears my lovely words
My arms around you; am not joking