Darkest nights
Out of nowhere to be found,
Drops of water fall each second I think,
Is it my problem that I don’t know anything
About myself?
Am I the only one who sleeps
with no food inside my stomach?
Am I the only one who cries?
Am I?

I don’t know much about myself
But only a fear of knowing those who gave me a chance
To live,
Should I start looking for them?
Are they gonna love me?
Do I deserve to be loved like other kids?
Maybe not, god don’t choose places for us,
Our parents do.

Seeing you passing by a road with your family,
Makes me think of myself…
It makes me cry, cry for unknown people,
Are they thinking of me as I’m crying for them?
How do they sleep knowing that there is a son
Out there, crying for their help,
Do they think of me?

Night is long to end, but life keeps me crying none stop,
It keeps me seeing other children driving their own cars,
It keeps other children going to school,
How about me?

It keeps me crying for nobody,
It keeps me hungry for days,
Do I deserve all this?
Do I?