Every night I shut my eyes I see him,
This handsome gentleman,
This humble, loving and caring soul.
A knight in shining armour.

He treats me like a queen,
He treats me like I’m the only woman in this world.
He respects and honours me,
Forever honest and true to me.

He cuddles and caresses me until I doze off
He wakes me up with a kiss,
So tender and sincere;
When I look at him, his eyes sing a love song,
One that I would love to listen to till the end of time.

He asks me about my dreams
And tells me about his.
Whenever I cry, he cries
I laugh and he laughs with me

He protects me like a lion protects a lioness.
He calls me all kinds of sweet words,
Sometimes I wonder where he gets them from…
I ask him and he answers:
“You are an inspiration to all these sweet words,
I just look into your eyes deep down into your soul and
They just pop up in my mind,”
I blush until my cheeks complain.

We stroll the world together, hand in hand.
He kisses me in front of anybody,
Letting out the words “I love you” in pride…
Ahh melody to my ears, after a while I respond
“Love you more” it is true,
My love for him grows day by day

Someday in the future,
We are now married,
On our honeymoon, he whispers:
“You know babe, when we have daughters I want them to be exactly like you,”
I whisper back to him:
“And I pray they find husbands exactly like you,”

Do you even exist my love?
If so then, where in the world are you?

Ladies, am I the only one dreaming to have such guy in my life?