I think this is the greatest question
You must ask yourself
If you want to do something big:
Am I really ready to face the challenges?
What is the biggest obstacle towards my goal?
Ask yourself some questions about your chosen goal
To make sure you really understand what you are getting yourself into.

Never choose to do something because it’s simple
But choose to do something because it’s hard!
Remember one thing,
Why do we only have few successful people in the world?
That’s because it’s hard!
For if it was simple, then everyone would be successful too.

You are never too young to dream big
A good example of a successful kid in the world is Jayden Smith,
The boy is only 20 but,
Through his dream he saved Americans
By providing them with bottled water
He and his sister Willo Smith
Are ambassadors of their orphanage in Zambia
They are the coolest kids for accomplishing their goals
Because they have a clear picture of where they are going

The right time to get started is now!
If you wait for too long, then you are likely to die with your idea,
Having done nothing.
You are successful only when you start doing something you always dreamed of.
I wish you the best on your way to success.