Am I next?
Am I the next victim of rape?
Am I the next victim of murder?
How long should I wait?
Until I get attacked?
Am I safe to cross the road alone,
Or do I need a security guard?

Our cry doesn’t reach
To your ears?
What amount of tears,
Should go down through
Our cheeks to be heard,
Should we cry blood?
Or maybe it’s because our voice,
Is not bold enough,
To shake your eardrums,

Am I your next prey?
Because you are predators,
How many cases must
We report to get out of the cage,
Are we entitled to be abused,
Just imagine if I was your daughter,
Would you still rape me?

I just want to know,
Am I next?
Do I need to sleep
With my eyes wide opened,
Like a hunted animal,
Or are you just an animal,
That hunts to indulge in women?