Twenty counts the years of stay
Yet as an old-less child
I do sense the living
Am I still yawning!
Tell me
Are you the place of rebirth?

This tender touch of your arms
Drives me back
To the world
I was unknowledgeable
That for me to live
I must be chained on Golgotha
Yes your touch a gentle breeze of feeling
That torments my heart
To be chained to it daily
Warm touch of the mother to his son
I might call it
Am I born again?

A soft lullaby
That you sing
When atrocious weather catches my skin
Deeper inside my heart
It whips and mops the atrocities
A strong remedy it is!
The song that reminds me of the question
Am I born again?

Innocent of time like a child
Morning to evening merely a second
When I am in your presence
Is it your deep dimpled smiles
That make me perch
And become aware not of day hours
Wise me now
If I am born again?

Love! This environment of yours
Does surpass the king’s palace
Yes it is more than white house
Far better than bounty one would have
It’s a fan that considerably
Creates a comfort zone
I love its tenderness, loving and caring