What is poetry?
I believe it was said it only started with a word.
Words sometimes turn into swords which hurt,
Yet they are only words.
Poor people’s mind-sets are being smoked like weed by politicians,
Just to get high in parliament.
Those are ‘words that matter to me’
Words are like poison,
They hurt you inside, deep in the core.
Words are law, words are raw.
Growing up we lose lots of friendships.
Never double cross me because I am a Christian.
The youth stood tall marching, saying, “#FeesMustFall”
For all, because the freedom charter states that education is free for all!
Our forefathers, our late brothers and sisters used to throw stones,
At a white government but now we are fighting our own kind.
Those who made us blind using media propaganda to deceive us,
Thinking they are kind.
My mother threw me into the WOLVES
And told me to come back with a SIX PACK

Fairy the poet