I watched her as she looked at herself in the mirror,
with tears in her eyes flowing like rain. After an hour
of water works, like the sun would come up and shine
to clear the clouds, she smiled.

She wrapped her arms around herself and said
“I love you” today I do not only look at you and
see pain but I see healing. I see courage that came
after failure, strength made out of weakness.

Goddess believed in and worshiped by others.
I see appointment that came after years of
disappointments. I see scars that look like a
work of art on your body.

I look at you and have no choice but to be proud
of the road traveled, and speed bumps that delayed
your arrival. Sharp curves that were made for you
to lose control, but you held it all together

A heart of gold that almost turned dark, but that’s
the thing about gold it always shines.
Like Rome in Italy, you are made out of ruins but
people from all parts of the world to still come
visit you and see beauty.