Alone she cries
She cries for her
She cries for them
Alone with no one she cries
With a smile on her face, she cries

No one seems to notice
With the house full of people, empty she feels
Alone indeed she is
Carrying others on her shoulders with so much pain in her heart
Alone she cries

She is a rock to others but who is her rock?
She is their hero but who is there to save her?
Through her pain she always finds strength to go on
Yet she cries, alone with no one there to hold her.

Opening up has never being easy for her
Alone she is dying inside
She tried to heal her wounds, but alone she fails
Pain is all she knows
Alone as she cries
Suicide has crossed her mind, alone as she cries

Alone she always seems to be
It always seems like she is screaming from a soundproof room,
Whenever she cries out for help
Alone she cries.