Allow me to cry
Allow me please
My mind to cry.
For my heart has been broken by the one I said she’s the one.
Allow me to cry a river

Because I didn’t want to give love a chance in my life.
But you told me I should .
But now the love has broken my heart.
Though you said it won’t.
I didn’t know that one day .
This one day I could feel such pains.
Because of you, my lady .
She said she loved me .

But four months later she told me
“That don’t get me wrong I like you
But I love your friend more than anything”
Is that love to me no more
So allow me to cry.
Allow me to cry for all the time
That I have been played all along .
Allow me to cry .
Because the love of my life broke my heart.
When I held her she said we will stay
“Forever ” but now things change I know we meant ” Never ”
Allow me to cry
Tears fall from my eyes…