We are never satisfied with anything.
You can get the highest earning job
But you will complain about something.
Plus having all the material possessions
But something will be lacking in your life.

Look at the stars: they give out
A magical free show without crying.
But we fail to give 30 minutes of our time
To our loved ones without complaining.
Most of time and energy we give freely to our side project.
Is it a wonder you get the most sweet and caring person
In our life but as time goes on we find it boring,
You find yourself with a person who brings you
Tears and sadness in your life
You freely are willing to give him a second chance.

The heart seeks its own desire but the flash is always weak.
Have you seen when it’s winter we pray for summer
The minute the wish is granted we cry foul play.
When unemployed we beg for a job
When request is granted we complain about long hours
And not enough paid wages.
What is a human without blaming tendencies?
Who are we without ever taking responsibilities?
We even blame our own pets when things
Don’t turn out the way we wanted.
When we are happy we even thank our haters
For doing wrong things to us.
Is it a wonder we need someone else’s approval to be happy?
Ask yourself who did you come with through this world?
Ask this: does happiness originate with you?
Or does it need different opinions to be real?
Is it a wonder that we are stuck
With our mindset to improve our thinking ability.