I trust you with my heart
I hope we’ll never be apart
I know things fall apart
I know people grow apart
I loved you yesterday
Today is a different day
Today we go our separate ways
Maybe tomorrow our paths will meet again
Truly you destroyed my heart
How will I ever love again?
You killed my soul
How will I ever live again?
To you my heart was an arcade
All you ever did was play games
Beneath this hard exterior
Lies a fragile being with special needs
Beneath this hard exterior
Lies emotions of sadness in darkness
You, are the cause of these never ending tears
I blame you for these never healing scars
Once we were shining amongst the stars
My smile was brighter than all the stars
I was seeking perfection
Now I’m seeking redemption
I was looking for pure love
Now I’m full of true hate
I was searching for happiness
All I found is emptiness