Whilst I was in school.
My mom still kept it covered,
While it’s not breaking any record,
I decided to smile, while at church.
Because hurts crunch,
Our heads without wisdom,
And still intelligence failed to keep us covered.

Torn trousers showing underwear,
With those sisters busted in laughter,
While in heart dignity was in slaughter.

Of course, mom,
I wasn’t born with silver spoon,
My joy was sheltered in cocoon.

I have my ambition,
But my lack of joy gives it demolition.

My friends asked for my joy,
That’s why I was coy.
I was in life gambling for success,
My mom wasn’t there ‘cause
My brother’s wife was busy cursing
Every happiness I was longing for.
I was too angry but I felt shot of roar.

All day, night with no time to study,
All to me was taken.
My hunger for effectiveness,
Caused hate for her,
But all was bitten,
‘Cause I have to ask for everything.

Of course I hated her to the grave,
She is dead.
I maybe living for hatred,
Everyday I am jaded,
She was the reason
I wore stomach out jersey at school.

With love of slavery,
She denies me to get back to home,
‘Cause she was saying I am lazy,
I don’t want to work.

You know all week,
I spent as sheep herder.
Everything was hard to take,
Even food I left,
When I come from school
It was looted by her only son.

I was a preacher in church as a young boy,
Everything was claimed under the word,
You are “beloved one”.

I recollect the day,
She wanted me to make fire in woods
For water to bath while her kids bath in water from stove.

There is a lot that happened,
I am just tormented in mind as a kid