Alexithymia, alexithymia, alexithymia
Oh how you mess with my mind
You have a way with words
You tell me all these goals and dreams
I have in mind I’ll never achieve
You always seem to bring me down
You give me hatred
You trigger me
You break me
You offend me
You put chills in me

Alexithymia, alexithymia
You taunt me
You make me fear myself
You make me find different ways to pass time
You make me want to cry but I can’t
Your voice in my head is hurting me
You make me panic
You smell my tears and feed on my anxiety
You lock me up in chains
You make me feel like a nonentity
You make me fight you knowing that I won’t last long

I’m runnin’ out of places where
The bruises and the scars hide
You design a game with a million ways to lose,
Not a single way to win, only option I have
Is to smile ‘cause either way I can’t make any move
You make me feel defeated
I can’t sleep, you are the reason
Honestly I’m angry and exhausted
And I’m so tortured by the feelings that
You told me you could take away
I’m running out of options, that’s for sure
The people I talk to say “keep hanging on”
And to hold on, too.

I don’t know if I want to
I’m walking out of the darkness
I barely made it
I have to save me
I refuse to surrender
It’s time to mend these broken wings