Dear alcohol my friend,
since you came into my life I have changed,
your friendship to me means the world.
Alcohol my friend,
though why chose to befriend me?
What am I to you?

Alcohol my friend,
because of you I’m no longer a coward,
why you give me such strength to be brave?
Because of you I’m no longer a virgin,
You’ve opened my eyes and refreshed my mind to see farther.

Because of you I feel like I own the world,
Where do you get the power to intoxicate me?
Because of you I have done so much,
from bank robbery to rapist,
I have spilt much blood and life.

Alcohol my friend,
because of you I have dropped school,
I have developed aggressiveness,
I have developed into a thorn to people,
I have turned into child’s first library of learning.
Alcohol my friend.

My dignity has flushed in the toilet,
My pride burnt by the sun,
My powers destroyed by every glass I took.
Alcohol my friend,
look what you’ve done to me.

I have been neglected by my own family
though they still pretend to care.
They no longer respect me,
and so does my people.

They say you made me affect their social life.
Alcohol why but why???
I thought we were good friends though you were only there to demolish me…
Alcohol my friend.

I will thank you one more time….
Thanks to you my days are numbered,
thanks to you I have no family,
thanks to you I am dying slowly.

I think it’s time our relationship has to end.
Though it is too late,
but better than never.
We have been good friends,
though I benefited nothing but mess.