Midnight drunk, stressed – I am a mess
I look up, the stars look like fireflies hazed.
My judgement misplaced,
I thought this would be a way out.
Alone the dark is not a sight,
then I realize a spot in the dark shines bright like moonlight.

The steps, I tumble, I shout out: what you are doing is wrong!
I burst into laughter, why I am talking to stone?
The stuff I had must be strong.
Thoughts on my mind, the king has lost his crown.
Escape not, the drug has a hold on me.

Insanity seems more likely than serenity.
A seed of where the divinity left his shoes.
Alphabetical order, I think not.
A beggar cannot choose,
may I stumble upon a golden goose.

A flood of emotions makes it hard not to be confused.
I have seen friends become enemies.
At a mere glance I’ve become my own nemesis.
Logic and reason for a moment were meaningless.

What had been sawed off, were the tears of the vineyard.
Mind not dealt a bad hand,
I was to stay true and keep a poker face.
The intuition has never led me astray.