It is not a different kettle of fish
But a song sung everyday on lips
Begging for their freedom
The freedom and right to stay freely.

The shout at the top of their lungs
Calling for all hands on deck
To fight tooth and nail
To end Albino genocide.

“Why?” an albino asks me
“Why albino genocide?
Why can’t the culprits get comeuppance
In order to end Albino genocide?”

You are always compromising
But everyday albino cases are rising
Reaching a point that makes me worry
That killing of albinos will never end.

They are hopeless
Their minds so restless
Trying to find those who are heartless
By killing innocent people.

My eyes can’t stop the tears
Because it has been a decade of years
Without no protective measures
For safeguarding people with albinism.

Let’s all wake up
Let’s all help each other
Albinism is not a crime
Albinos are also humans.

They have fear in their homeland
They are tired of hiding
Everyday they live with false hopes
That one day they will live freely.