What is the right age?
I mean who or which party should be the older?
The man or the woman?
Is age by any means vital?

If two people with their own brains
their own wishes and desires
fall in love – why should outsiders interfere?
That said – who can stand in the way of love?

When the fire is burning
as the forest set on fire,
And the spark visibly there as the stars,
Who can argue with that?

So what if the man is 80
and the woman is 20?
So what if the woman is 60
and the guy is 25?

If they enjoy each other’s company
and proclaim to be in love,
Why should people fight it?
Why must they be involved when they have their own issues to deal with?

Did God order that there is a right age?
Which law orders age?
What is the right age?