Time runs things
Not people,
It decides when to go fast, when to pause
And when to stand still, to make a minute
Feels like hours,
No wonder we feel strain every time
The circle ticks.

We stop living to let the universe
Decide our destinations,
Time brings all things to line,
It gives perspective,
Nurtures us to make plans and dream about wishes
That may never come through.

Then struggling, we must give it names,
He’s always on the move it must be ADHD,
Mental instability, why don’t we call it depression?
Relationships are dying; it might be the end of age,
Time moves
But we remain the same,
There is no time, forget about the intercession,
She’s still unmarried, she’s running out of time,
No kids, she shouldn’t wait until she is 40.
He’s been in office for long, why can’t we see the movement?

Everyone is having an inner conversation,
No one seems to find fault, no one is talking
The man is moving in circles with no plans,
We must give him a REBOOT
He might start the PLAY,
Why doesn’t he drink SCORE
to unravel the MONSTER Within?
Energy might keep him awake at night.
The time is moving, but it keeps on rotating and restarting.

Who is really moving this time?
Forget about time, everyone belongs in paper town,
Nothing is real, it’s just an opinion
We just in the season where everyone is looking for a reason
Ambition without solution is just a conjunction.
Stand in the light
For every unspoken word becomes a lie.

The time is now,
Stop waiting.
Stand in the light until every drop of a spot light recognises you,
Because the time is always now.
Stop envying mine; I’m just a mess waiting to be saved.
Our times will never be the same,
If you’re a few seconds late
It doesn’t mean you’ll never make it to the finish line.
TIME and AGE is just an illusion.