They traveled for my poor soul.
They consulted the spiritual guru’s for my soul.
They named my soul so badly.
They cursed my soul to suffering.
They swear No good to my own soul.
They restless because of my soul.

They tried to remove lightness
and put darkness to my innocent soul.
They keep on digging for wrong to my soul.
They deadly wanting the attention of my soul.
Their desire is to catch my soul.
Catch my poor soul to their cage.

They have accused my soul many times.
Wanted to get my soul guilty.
They are still trying to put fear to my soul.
My soul seems to be untouchable to them.
Which could help my soul from the heaters.
Would love to rescue my own soul from the heartless.

I love to save my soul from the hungry wolfs.
Because since they are against the soul.
I am voluntary to be competent isolator
my soul from the jealous cheaters.
Wonder what is a soul of human being contains.