After the storm
the rain showers blessings
The sun lights up the world,
the rainbow colours the skies

After the storm
is abundant life
A declared eternity of goodness,
letting go of the unworthy
and holding on to invaluable treasures.
There is an extravagant taste of happiness.

An exhilarating joy ride.
The restoration of a tiresome mind.
A loud cry
composed of tears of joy.
Though before the storm
was thunder infiltrating fear.
Silent groaning
that flooded pillows in the midnight hour.
A restless mind that raved all night,
searching for a roller coaster to ride on
to ultimately wipe away the mask of sadness.

Before the storm,
darkness brooded upon the face of the earth.
No sight of light along the path
and an enclosed, inescapable, void.
No breath seemed to be enough.
It was a short while and the end near,
surrounded by fabricated smiles.
Seeking to suffocate my all,
holding strong hard-core ropes
that only desired to serve their purpose.
Tire my everything
‘till I decide
to breathe my last
and forsake my past.

With no intentions of seeing tomorrow
but perceive the fearful world of the unknown.
The Maker initially paved this road,
He certainly knows its flaws.
He decided to fix all potholes.
Merciful and Mighty
when I reached what I perceived as the end.
I no longer stumbled as I was blinded in gravel.
I felt the waters on my feet.
I feared they would swallow my being.
But I heard sounds
of nature peacefully humming.
The end of the storm.