A close call to midnight
When all seemed right
I heard as I leaned
An African roar

It said rise my African child
Rise and celebrate the gift of being African
Rise and give back hope to Africa
Bring African dignity back

As I laid on the floor
Tears flooded my eyes
I felt shuttered
What words could I have uttered
I hear the African Roar

Being African is a gift
Some made it look like a curse
A curse is you for turning away from Africa
Celebrate the nature
Celebrate my African child

A curse is you for trying to take away African dignity
Feel the African wrath
Don’t stay cursed
This is the African Roar

I heard and you heard
Let’s lead Africa forward
It’s only you and I who can
Let’s use the might of a pen
As I learned to listen
I heard an African Roar
Rise Africa, rise