Have you ever looked for just a stone,
Only to find a precious one?
Well, that’s exactly what I’ve done.
It was one cold morning when the sun still managed to shine through the dark clouds that covered the sky.
My mother sent me to buy bread,
So I thought maybe I might as well look for the apple of my eye,
Only to find the beat of my heart.

Her eyes were like two sunshines that greeted the day and waved goodbyes to the departing night.
Immediately my eyes fell in love with the sight they gladly beheld.

She was so beautiful that my own mouth ran dry and never escaped a “wow”,
My eyelids couldn’t wink nor wet my eye balls for seconds,
Like me they were in shock.
Her eye lashes and eyebrows were as perfect as the river banks of the famous Nile.

These eyes showed the pureness of heart
And brightness of her mind,
And like two polar charges
We were drawn like a sketch of an architect.

The silkiness of her hair reminded me of horses that ancient kings rode on,
It was dark and lovely.
After saying hello,
All of the oxygen in my lungs got sucked like blood through the fangs of Nicklaus Mcklesson.

The afro hairstyle is quite familiar
But on her head it looked a crown with black diamonds all over it.

Two beautifully shaped mountains stood still on her rib cage,
Like two courageous warriors guarding the most sacred chamber: her heart.
The valley between these mountains was filled with the fantasy that men dream of.

The top she wore looked like a wedding tent,
In it played music which only hearts that beat as one would understand.
I realized that my heart now has a strong heart beat.